Bottlesmoker – Vagabond


After released “Le Voyage”, “Boredom and Freedom” “Hypnagogic” and “Freehugs” videos from our latest album, Hypnagogic, finally we released a new video for “Vagabond”.

In this “Vagabond” video, we are inviting Fazrie Permana who held this crazy maniac video which was finalized only at his bedroom. It’s short define us a truly bedroom lazier artists.

We were written “Vagabond” which was inspired by traveling to several places, for instance, when we’re on touring or even artist residency. So, Fazrie caught this idea of song to be a great digital traveling.

“I try to develop this concept from the term of Vagabond’s word. From that term, I have idea to create (we called) digital traveling. This digital traveling was defined that there’s not a human, not a physical material who travelling, but only the pixel colonies. So, I interpreted if the pixel colonies traveling, so they’re not only living in different space and time, but they’re transformed in the different shapes”. Fazrie said.

This digital traveling idea has been chosen by word of digital which was appeared once you listening to Bottlesmoker music. The music which has used a lot of electronic stuff and produce kind of futuristic music, and the futuristic music could be indicated by digital revolution.

– your boys, Bottlesmoker –

– Music by Bottlesmoker (2013)
– Directed by Fazrie Permana