[download] Bottlesmoker – The Rainbow Connection


Lagu ini merupakan kado natal Bottlesmoker untuk teman-teman semuanya. “Rainbow Connection” adalah lagu yang dinyanyikan oleh Kermit the Frog di film The Muppet Movie pada tahun 1979. Lagu versi Bottlesmoker ini pun sudah dirilis oleh Wrieuw Recordings (UK) untuk kompilasi “A Very Wrieuw Christmas Vol. 2”. So, merry Christmas and happy new year. ouw yeah, happy holiday! xoxo



Bottlesmoker feat Fandy DFMC – Just Can’t Get Enough (Depeche Mode cover)

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We don’t really know why we always give free songs as a gift in some special moments, and we satisfied when we can cover songs from Depeche Mode.

So yeah, for Ied Mubarak gift this year, we collaborated with Fandy Agriculture cover ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ – Depeche Mode song.
Actually, we separated the recording part. First, Angkuy & Nobie write the music arrangement & recorded it in Bottlesmoker’s bedroom studio then Fandy put his voice in Line-In Studio Bandung,
We enjoyed every process we had with so much fun.

Won’t say anything more, just enjoy our special gift for you, Bottlesmoker feat. Fandy DFMC – Just Can’t Get Enough (Depeche Mode cover)

Last but not least, Happy Eid Mubarak 1433 H, please forgive us for all wrongdoings in the past.