Healing Session #1 Sulawesi – Donation


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On September 28th a powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, triggering a tsunami that hit coastal cities including Palu and Donggala. Indonesia’s National Agency for Disaster Management estimates that 2.4 million people were affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Homes have been destroyed, families are displaced, hospitals have been impacted as well as roads, airports and communication infrastructure making the response challenging (Music For Relief).

Inspired by many people who work for raising funds for the victim, we make and share our first healing session (50 minutes) for meditation. You can use this track for any purposes (no commercial use) and make donation for the earthquake and tsunami relief. Please give to support those impacted in Palu and surroundings. Enjoy the track and let’s make the world a better place.

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Bottlesmoker officially added to the Þ Kollektiv for Þolarity


“The first act of the year to be announced and officially added to the Þ Kollektiv roster is the colorful Indonesian band Bottlesmoker. At first listen their music seems almost on the opposite pole of the music spectrum compared to the rest of the kollektiv. But at a closer listen you will hear that Bottlesmoker shares many of our ideals, methods and philosophies even though they work in a completely different genre.

Þ Kollektiv is proud to announce Þolarity by Bottlesmoker. A rerelease of Bottlesmoker’s Netlabel Day 2016 release Polarity. “Polarity” tells the story of ‘dualism’ in life. Two things are opposite or in pairs, both the distance around us or in the distant universe. This EP consists of six tracks, divided into two themes; micro and macro.
To bridge the gap between the musical worlds Þolarity will additionally feature Bottlesmoker remixes by various Þ Kollektiv members.

Release date is February 1st. Artwork by Þórgunnur Þórsdóttir”

#LanewayGiveAway 10 Tiket untuk 10 Pemenang



Siapa yang nggak mau nonton #LanewayFestival gratis? Ayo Ikutan #LanewayGiveAway

sekarang! Ini dia caranya:

1. Buat 1 artikel (minim 350 kata) dengan pilihan tema berikut:

a. Band Indonesia di Laneway Festival Singapore 2017

b. Band Internaional di Laneway Festival Singapore 2017

c. Event Laneway Festival Singapore

2. Artikel yang menggunakan foto milik orang lain atau kutipan kalimat, jangan

lupa sertakan sumbernya

3. Kirimkan artikel asli buatanmu dalam format MS Word disertai data diri (nama,

tanggal lahir, nomor telepon, no passport & masa berlaku passport) ke email


4. Share poster #LanewayGiveAway ke akun instagram-mu dan berikan 2 kalimat

yang merangkum isi artikel buatanmu di captionnya

5. Sertakan hashtag #LanewayFestival #LanewaySG #LanewayGiveAway

#Soundquarium lalu tag 6 orang temanmu

6. Follow instagram @soundquarium & @lanewayfestsg

7. Artikel yang dikirim belum pernah diuploa atau dilombakan sebelumnya

8. Artikel yang dikirim merupakan tanggung jawab peserta masing-masing.

Soundquarium sebagai pihak penyelenggara tidak bertanggung jawab apabila

dikemudian hari ada pihak lain yang menuntut hak cipta atas artikel yang


9. Penyelenggara berhak menggunakan artikel partisipan untuk kepentingan

publikasi dengan tetap mencantumkan nama partisipan

10. Ditunggu sampai 2 Januari 2016

11. Peserta minimal berusia 18 tahun & memiliki pasport yang maih berlaku (min 6


12. Akan ada 10 tiket Laneway Festival Singapore 2017 (ticket only) buat 10