Bottlesmoker officially added to the Þ Kollektiv for Þolarity


“The first act of the year to be announced and officially added to the Þ Kollektiv roster is the colorful Indonesian band Bottlesmoker. At first listen their music seems almost on the opposite pole of the music spectrum compared to the rest of the kollektiv. But at a closer listen you will hear that Bottlesmoker shares many of our ideals, methods and philosophies even though they work in a completely different genre.

Þ Kollektiv is proud to announce Þolarity by Bottlesmoker. A rerelease of Bottlesmoker’s Netlabel Day 2016 release Polarity. “Polarity” tells the story of ‘dualism’ in life. Two things are opposite or in pairs, both the distance around us or in the distant universe. This EP consists of six tracks, divided into two themes; micro and macro.
To bridge the gap between the musical worlds Þolarity will additionally feature Bottlesmoker remixes by various Þ Kollektiv members.

Release date is February 1st. Artwork by Þórgunnur Þórsdóttir”